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Elite Pro Turquoise 10'6'' x 32" x 4.75" iSUP paddleboard package

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Our Elite Pro was designed to combine all of the advantages of the Elite and the Ultimate and put them into one board. The Elite is built with the same multi-layer fusion technology as our other boards and has been tested to the same rigorous standards. We have used 4.75'' drop-stitch which gives the Elite a slimmer profile than our Ultimate boards. The Elite is lightweight and agile with great stability for riders up to 100kg. Unlike the standard Elite, the Elite Pro comes with all of our top accessories, including a wheel bag, Bravo Super pump and easy fix fin.   

We build our boards using a multi-layer fusion technology and take great care over the quality of our products. We run our business with very small overheads and are happy to take a smaller margin so you can have a great quality/performing paddleboard without it costing you a fortune.

Plus, the board comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.

If you aren't sure how to put the paddleboard together then the full manual can be found on our website. We are moving to an online verson to save paper.

  • Top-quality Bravo SUPer pump (model of pump may vary depending on availability)
  • Lightweight 3-piece fibreglass paddle
  • Lightweight, WHEELIE rucksack with room to pack everything with your board, together with some spare towels etc etc 
  • Ankle surf leash with safety breaker
  • Quick release belt
  • Easy fix fin
  • Repair kit 
  • 5 year warranty 
  • Plus, you can call us anytime if you'd like us to talk you through setting up the board! 
  • Advanced Board Shaping for excellent performance through the water, giving you longer gliding time.

  • Rocker (upturn at the nose) ensures good wave performance.

  • Diamond Groove Deckpad provides a comfortable grippy surface for your feet.

  • Kick-Step (raised platform) at the rear makes step-back pivot turns easy to learn and master. In addition, our customers tell us it is ideal for sunbathing.

  • Lightweight: each board weighs only 9.5kg, making them easy to handle in and out of the water.

  • Triple Fin for extra control, including 1 slide and clip fin and two attached guide fins for shallow water.

  • Warranty: 5 years on our boards.
  • Recommended Pressure: 18-20 PSI.
  • Max Pressure: 25 PSI.
  • Length: 10'6''.
  • Width: 32''.
  • Thickness: 4.75''
  • Volume: 243L.
  • Deckpad: Diamond groove.
  • Carrying Capacity: 105kg.
  • Board weight 9.5kg.
  • Technology: Double skin laminated fusion.
  • Fins: Slide and clip fin + two side fins.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Love this Sup! It’s an upgrade from my first Sup which I used for about a year. It’s firmer, moves quicker and comes with great accessories. So happy I bought it and great customer service! They offered lots of advice and were really patient! Only one niggle which is the bag, I am only small and find getting the paddle board back into the bag really tricky! Would rather have had a normal bag as the flap bit at the bottom which covers the wheels flips up when the bag is on floor! This takes up space so I have to stand the bag up, it’s all a bit of a pain! I expect if you’re over 5ft 3 and stronger it wouldn’t be an issue! I’m going to have to buy another to replace it! However, don’t let this put you off, it’s a great sup and overall I am really happy. Highly recommend it and I‘m already far more confident using this Sup compared to my previous one! With the 5 year guarantee you can’t lose!

Great Looking Board

Have been looking for a good quality middle priced 10’6” SUP for me, my children and grandchildren. The spec of the Elite Pro reads much the same as that of a leading brand, but I can buy two Elite Pros for one of the other (you get my drift). Finally got to pump it up this week and it looks fantastic, much better that the website would suggest, and have now gone on a couple of paddles and it feels stable, glides well with directional stability, and at 83kg I didn’t really feel like I was going to fall off. Absolutely no regrets with this purchase.

Brian Wrigley
Love My New Board

I went out on my new board for the first time this weekend and absolutely had a great time. The quality of the board gave me plenty of confidence and as a new paddler that is very important to me.

In addition to the board and accessory quality I have to commend the service I received through tout the whole process. I would highly recommend Sandbanks and their team.

Andrew Lancelles
Amazing board

Popped into the shop and spoke to Richard who was extremely informative and friendly.
Ended up buying a Elite Pro and a Wave for my children whom absolutely love it (might have to buy another to stop them fighting over the board!) Since purchase I can’t stop using the board (Elite) it’s really stable and tracks beautifully, to be honest I can’t fault any of the accessories. Brilliant bit of kit well done Sandbanks Style!!

John Miller
Excellent SUP package

Used these boards at a hire company and were so impressed with the experience and build quality we purchased two. We have used them with various family members (new to paddling) and everyone has had a great time. Speed of delivery from point of order was impressive.

Our boards in a nutshell

We have a dedicated team who take great pride in the manufacturing the very best inflatable paddleboards. This high quality craftmanship improves all aspects of the boards production and is reflected in the outstanding quality of the finished product.

1. Comfortable Grippy DeckPad

The best deck pads are machine pressed in addition to gluing.

2. PVC with Woven Inner

Outer Skin Strength is important for long life and pressure capacity.

3. Fusion Technology

An additional layer of PVC is laminated to the dropstitch core. Fusion results in a lighter, stiffer, longer lasting board, and much better for the environment too than toxic glues.

4. Super Reinforced, High Density Dropstitch

The strength/lightness ratio of the fibres, is key to creating a super rigid but light board.

5. UV Resistant

Built to withstand long-term exposure to sunlight, minimising material decay and keeping colours clear and vibrant.

6. Triple Layer On Rail

A 3rd and final layer around the rail of the board creates a second seal and ensures there are no weak points on the board.

7. Heat Treated Seal

A laminated, heat pressed inner seam on the fused PVC surrounding the core of the board creates a 100% airtight and waterproof seal. Much better and stronger than gluing.

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