Paddle board accessories: 5 essentials every paddleboarder should own

Paddle board accessories: 5 essentials every paddleboarder should own

Paddleboarding is a way to connect with nature, move your body, and calm your mind, but it is still a water sport - and as is the case with any water-based sport, it's important to have the right equipment. Whether you’re gliding across the lakes of your local area or challenging yourself on coastal waters, having the right paddle board accessories will keep you safe and afloat when on your paddleboard, so here are the paddle board accessories you'll need to gear up for your next adventure on the water.


Let’s get started with the paddles. As the name suggests, paddles are essential paddleboard accessories, so make sure that this is the very first item that you pack when getting ready for a day on your board.

Paddles are essentially the engine of your iSUP when on the water, as they move your board across the surface and steer the direction that you are travelling in. The right paddle will also improve your performance and allow you to maintain a comfortable grip during long hours on the water. All of our paddleboards come with a lightweight, fibreglass paddle as standard but we also supply a range of paddles separately to suit your needs an budget, so if you’re looking for the best model for your needs, explore our full range of paddles, including:

  • Carbon
  • Carbon Hybrid
  • Fibreglass
  • Aluminium

Our paddleboard accessories range is packed with portable three-piece paddles for paddleboarding, as well as some four-piece paddles for kayaking. All our three-piece paddles are adjustable as needed to suit all sizes. As you go up our range from aluminium, through fibreglass to carbon you will find our paddles get lighter and stiffer. The carbon paddle has virtually no movement or flex. This reduces the energy needed to move the board. The ergonomic handle grip of all our paddles and the quick adjustment system to change the height, is designed to keep you comfortable whilst paddleboarding and suit all your needs. So, if you are looking for an ergonomic entry level paddle, or a 100% carbon option that breaks down into three pieces and only weighs 679g, or any option in between, explore our full range today.


Buoyancy Aid

Whether you are a new or inexperienced paddleboarder, or you’re an advanced paddle boarder who is planning to paddle on more challenging waters, a buoyancy aid or PFD is another essential accessory for someone of any skill level. Buoyancy aids are designed to help keep you afloat, offering just enough floatation to assist if you fall in the water whilst still allowing you full freedom of movement for paddling. This differs from a life jacket which is designed to keep your head and face out of the water even if you are unconscious. Life jackets also use a gas cylinder which needs replacing after it’s been used, this means buoyancy aids are the better choice for paddleboarding.

By prioritising your safety without compromising your mobility, our comfortable, all-round PFD’s come in a variety of styles to suit your needs and budget and a range of sizes to keep everyone safe on the water. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers, our thin, compact, and flexible buoyancy aids also make it easier for the wearer to get back on the board from the water if they do lose their balance.

So, before you head out to the water make sure you explore our range of buoyancy aids and find the one that is best suited to you.



Our Inflatable stand-up paddleboards range in size from the 8’6’’ Splash to the 12’6’’ sports touring pro and there are lots in between. No matter which board you’ve got a good, reliable pump is needed to get your board ready for the water.

With the wrong pump inflating your board can be hard work and take a lot of time. Time that you could be spending paddling on your local canal, lake or coastline. You’ll be pleased to know that we offer a range of great pumps which have all be designed to make inflating you paddle board easy, fast and as effort free as possible. What’s more a powerful double action pump is included in all our paddleboard packages, but we also provide electric options which make inflating your board even easier. Here are the options available in our online shop.

  • Two Stage Bravo Pump: A portable and effective double action hand pump with gauge that reads well past the recommended 20psi.
  • 20psi 12V Electric SUP Paddleboard Pump: For an option that inflates and deflates your board, our electric pump guarantees a quick setup and more time on the water. With adjustable pressure settings up to 20PSI, a digital display for precise control, and safeguarding against over-inflation, its compact and lightweight design allows for on-the-go inflation, and works when connected to any 12V plug.
  • 20psi Rechargeable Electric Paddleboard SUP Pump: For an option that is ready to use on the go, our rechargeable pump reaches optimal pressure up to 20psi without the need for a power source. This durable, user-friendly pump features a rechargeable design, multiple nozzles, and an auto shut-off to prevent over-inflation, allowing you more time to enjoy the water and less time preparing.


When searching for safety paddle board accessories, a coiled surf leash and a quick release belt are some other items which are essential. We strongly believe that a quick release belt should be included with every board as standard although there are still many paddle board manufacturers who don’t.

The leash is an extremely important item because it keeps you attached to your board which is your first point of buoyancy. It can either be strapped round your ankle or looped through the back of a quick release belt and worn around your waist.

So, when should you wear a 10’ coiled leash round your ankle and when should you attach it to your quick release belt and wear it round your waist? In most circumstances it’s appropriate to wear a leash around your ankle however, if you are paddling on any moving or flowing water then you should be wearing the leash around your waist with the quick release belt. This way you can easily release yourself if you come off your board and are caught or held by the force of the water.

Suitable environment for ankle leash: Lakes, canals, sea (no tide), slow-moving deep-water rivers where there is no risk of entrapment.

Suitable environments quick release blet system: Any flowing water including, rivers, tidal races, tidal rivers and estuaries, where there is risk of entrapment.


Paddleboard Bags

All your paddleboard accessories are going to need somewhere to go, luckily our boards come with a rucksack bag which comfortably fits the board and all the extra accessories you might need. Almost all of our paddleboards also come with a wheelie rucksack bag which is great for transporting your board with all its kit especially if you are planning to travel with your board. Our standard rucksack bag is still an awesome choice. It’s light weight and great for storing your board when space is even harder to come by, like on a camper van or a boat.

The lining of our bags prevents scratches or damage during transport, and our adjustable straps and ergonomic designs make carrying your board much easier and less stressful, no matter the weather or transportation conditions.


Our Full Paddle Board Accessories Range

All of our paddle board accessories are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty, so equip yourself with everything you need to make your time on the water more safe, efficient, and enjoyable with our full range.

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