SUP Safety

As paddle boarding continues to grow in popularity and it is easier to access watersports equipment; as a manufacturer passionate about safety within the sport we want to help spread the word on SUP Safety and provide tips on key topics which will improve our customers knowledge and enjoyment of the world of paddlesports.

SUP Safety

The guys at SUPboarder have spent the last two years researching and designing the SUP Safe campaign. Their aim is to provide useful and easy to follow resources to educate paddlers at all levels to understand the various potential hazards associated with the sport, how risks can be mitigated and how to respond should an incident or emergency occur. 

If you are new to paddling or not yet confident in your knowledge on the water then we would recommend taking a moment to watch the SUP Safe videos for an overview of what you should be thinking about when planning your paddles. Remember conditions can change quickly so you may need to rethink you're route or cancel your plans if it is no longer going to be safe.

Paddle equipment:



Personal flotation devices:

Communication & emergency preparation:

What to think about when picking a paddle location:


Wind & Weather:

Paddling on rivers & slow moving water: