Sandbanks Style rechargeable electric pump for iSUP paddle boards and kayaks
Sandbanks Style

20psi Rechargeable Electric Paddleboard SUP Pump & Adaptors

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Introducing the Sandbanks Style Rechargeable Electric Pump, your ultimate companion for stand-up paddleboard (SUP) adventures. Engineered with precision and convenience in mind, this pump elevates your SUP experience to new heights. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional 12v electric pumps that tether you to a power source. Embrace freedom with its rechargeable design, enabling you to inflate your board anywhere, anytime, without the need for a 12v socket.

Experience effortless inflation at your fingertips. This pump swiftly inflates your board to an optimum 20psi, ensuring peak performance on the water making it a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. With multiple nozzles included for various inflatable products, precision is a breeze. Worried about over-inflation? Fear not—the pump's auto shut-off feature guarantees safety by halting inflation once your desired pressure is reached. Durable, reliable, and user-friendly, the Sandbanks Style Rechargeable Electric Pump sets a new standard, simplifying the inflation process and enhancing your SUP adventures like never before.

Charge the pump using the suppiled Type-C USB cable for up to 4 inflation or deflations on a sinlgle charge or connect the your car using the additional 12V power cable. As with all of our accessories the 20 PSI Rechargeable Electric Paddleboard Pump is covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Nige Chappell
Expensive and Slow but takes effort out of it.

Expensive, takes the effort out of it but takes a long time to pump up. I can do it quicker by hand.

Jan Slater
Great Pump

Life is so much easier with this pump and super quick

Works well if a little noisy!

This works really well and great that it is rechargeable. Inflates within a few minutes, although is really noisy and has enough charge to inflate and deflate several times. Am really pleased and looking forward to lots more flexibility on locations I can go boarding!

Carl Astbury
Fantastic …… real game changer

Simple to use pump with various adapters to suit most inflatable products. Also has the option to deflate which is handy to ensure all the air is expelled making packing away simple. Lightweight, dual stage inflation, first stage pumps air at high volume, then the second stage kicks in when the pressure increases and is capable of up to 20psi, more than enough pressure for most inflatable products. USB C charging port, can also be used with 12v car cigar lighter socket, having a battery built into the pump makes it easy to use away from the car, can be used anywhere, enabling easy inflation next to the water, then in the garden when washing the kayak/SUP board after use. Get out on the water faster as this enables you to set up seats/paddles/buyoncy aid etc while the pump does the hard work.
Buy one now and say goodbye to the dreaded manual inflation that most of us really could do without before a long paddle.

Great gadget

I bought this - not to assist with inflating my board - I'm quite capable, but it buys me time. I can set this off and get my gear ready at the same time as my board is inflating.
I haven't used the deflate option, but I know people who have and it works really well getting the board really flat for packing back into the bag
The only possible down side is the noise - but noone else seems to have found one any quieter
I also bought the power bank to enable me to use the pump away from the car. It also charges phones and has a great torch on it.
Love it!

Our boards in a nutshell

We have a dedicated team who take great pride in the manufacturing the very best inflatable paddleboards. This high quality craftmanship improves all aspects of the boards production and is reflected in the outstanding quality of the finished product.

1. Comfortable Grippy DeckPad

The best deck pads are machine pressed in addition to gluing.

2. PVC with Woven Inner

Outer Skin Strength is important for long life and pressure capacity.

3. Fusion Technology

An additional layer of PVC is laminated to the dropstitch core. Fusion results in a lighter, stiffer, longer lasting board, and much better for the environment too than toxic glues.

4. Super Reinforced, High Density Dropstitch

The strength/lightness ratio of the fibres, is key to creating a super rigid but light board.

5. UV Resistant

Built to withstand long-term exposure to sunlight, minimising material decay and keeping colours clear and vibrant.

6. Triple Layer On Rail

A 3rd and final layer around the rail of the board creates a second seal and ensures there are no weak points on the board.

7. Heat Treated Seal

A laminated, heat pressed inner seam on the fused PVC surrounding the core of the board creates a 100% airtight and waterproof seal. Much better and stronger than gluing.

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