Not only do we have thousands of happy customers all over the UK but we now sell boards in over 14 countries. We have received multiple magazine reviews commending the performance of our boards and we are trusted by over 150 rental companies and schools to provide boards that can take years of daily use and abuse.

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Magazine Review

“An all round inflatable SUP that has a very different look from other similar price point iSUPs on the market. ”

"After reviewing the Sandbank SUP Style 10’5″ iSUP last year and saying it was a great board but the graphics were a little dull, Sandbanks have made us eat our words in 2019! This new range of boards called the Ultimate Art are far from the simple red and white graphics of last years Ultimate SUP boards. Sandbanks SUP Style offer these Ultimate boards in loads of colour ways, including the Reef and Malibu which we feature in this video, as well as the Maui and Amazon. This Ultimate range of boards will still offer a first time paddler a great all round paddling performance, but also give you a board that’s different from the rest."

MCS Watersports Review
"Would I recommend this board? The very simple answer is YES."

To Sum up the Sandbanks Ultimate SP really did exceed my expectations, the quality of the seams, deck pad, bungee straps and carry handle were of a superior standard to any other boards in this price range. It was good to see the graphics also looked a lot more striking in the flesh than pictures I had seen online. The weight and rigidity of this board was the real surprise with the light weight and the very low flex of the board.

Mindful Adventures Review
"It's built my confidence up with its little extra stability"

"I stumbled across Sandbanks Style through a google search and was instantly attracted to their range of boards. They were colourful, inflatable and affordable, they do boards for kids and adults including their elite range and a touring board. A business ran by water sport enthuastiasts who want to make paddle boarding accessible to us all." 

"they have re-engineered the ubiquitous 10’6 all-rounder"

"On the water the Sandbanks Style 10’6 feels lively and composed, it whips into step-back turns, and is a bright and comfortable place to be. The whole experience from price to performance on water to the fresh, original branding and graphics brings a smile to the face. Great to see this confident offering from a UK brand."

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