Setting Up Your Sandbanks Style Paddleboard

group of paddlers on poole harbour on Sandbanks Style paddleboards and inflatable kayaks
How to set up your paddleboard
You've decided on the best paddleboard for you, you've chosen your favourite colour, now all you need to do is familiarise yourself with everything that is in the box and get out on your fist paddle. 
Here's our step by step guide on all the things you need to do whilst setting up your paddleboard.
 A few common mistakes when pumping up your board for the first time:
  • Not making sure that the valve is in the correct position before attaching the pump: 
    If you do not close the valve by putting the spring loaded pin in the upright position then when you have finished pumping and remove the pump all of the air will escape and you will have to pump the board up again so make sure it's in the correct position when you start.
  • Thinking that the board is fully inflated and the pump gauge is not working:
    The pump gauge will not register a reading until you have reached about 4 or 5 psi. It is easy to assume that the board is fully pumped up at a couple of psi as it feels solid however if you take the board on the water at this pressure it will bend and be hard to stand on. For the first couple of times you pump if you're not out of breath then you probably haven't pumped enough! It does get easier!
  • Not securing the fin:
    Our fin design means there are no fiddly screws needed to secure the fin. You need to make sure that once you have put the fin in the slot you slide it forward or back so it won't fall out. The fins can be stiff to start with; adding some lubricant along the edges will help it slide out.
  • Having the paddle the wrong way round:
    On all of our paddleboard paddles the logo should be facing you when you are stood up. This means that the blade will be at the correct angle when you are pulling it through the water.

Don't forget your safety equipment
  • We strongly advise always wearing an approved Personal flotation device.
  • If paddling on fast moving/flowing water including rivers. white water, tidal flows and anywhere there is a possible chance of entrapment (including obstables, debris and lines/ropes in the water) we recommend wearing a quick release waist leash. Once you have attached the ankle leash to the tail end of the boards loop the ankle cuff around the loop on the back of you QR belt and secure around your waist. Familiarise yourself with the use of the release mechanism before using it for the first time. You may need to cut off some of the belt to make it the right length for you as you do not want much more than 15cm of the belt through the buckle so that in an emergency all of the belt will quickly pass through the buckle and you will be free from your board. 
    In an attempt to increase awareness and make the ever growing sport safer all 2023 paddleboard packages now have a free waist leash included. If you do not already have one for your board then you can get your hands on one here

Written by Kristy Hobart


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