The art of paddleboard yoga: balance, tranquility, and wellness

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Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines the tranquility of yoga with the excitement of paddleboarding? Well, you're in for a treat! In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of SUP yoga and uncover the incredible benefits of paddleboard yoga, some tips on perfecting your poses and some of our favourite spots in the UK to try SUP yoga. So, grab your paddleboard, slip into your yoga gear, and plan your next SUP retreat.

Benefits of Paddleboard Yoga

1 - A Core Workout like No Other

If you thought yoga was excellent for strengthening your core, wait until you try it on a paddleboard. Every yoga pose becomes a mini-adventure as you engage your core muscles to stay stable. Whether it's Downward Dog, Warrior Pose, or the elusive Crow Pose, you'll find yourself working those abdominal muscles in ways you never thought possible. It's like a floating fitness session, and your core will thank you for it.

2 - Boosting Confidence and Conquering Fear

The idea of doing yoga on water may seem intimidating at first. What if you fall in? But that's where the magic happens. You confront your fears, challenge your limits, and, more often than not, surprise yourself. Each time you successfully hold a pose or gracefully transition on the paddleboard, you gain a boost of confidence. It's a powerful reminder that you're capable of more than you think and falling in on occasion is all part of the fun of paddleboard yoga.

3 - A Full-Body Workout: Strength and Flexibility

Paddleboard yoga engages your entire body. While balancing on the board, you work on your leg muscles, stabilize your core, and enhance your upper body strength. Simultaneously, the fluidity of yoga poses promotes flexibility. It's like a complete workout package, offering the best of both worlds – strength and flexibility, all while having a blast on the water

4 - Mindfulness on the Move: Redefining Yoga

Yoga is all about mindfulness, and when you practice it on a paddleboard, you take that mindfulness to a whole new level. You become one with the water, the breeze, and the natural world around you. The sound of the water becomes your mantra, and the rhythm of your paddle strokes sync with your breath. Every moment on the board is a moment of presence and mindfulness.

5 - Improving Posture and Alignment 

When you practice yoga on a paddleboard, maintaining proper posture and alignment becomes crucial. You can't slouch or hunch on a floating mat. As a result, your body learns to align itself correctly, improving your overall posture. This newfound awareness often carries over into your daily life, helping you stand taller and walk with more grace.

6 - Connecting with Nature and Inner Self

Yoga and paddleboarding share a common goal – the connection of mind, body, and soul. When you combine these two practices, you enhance that connection, immersing yourself in the natural world while exploring your inner self. It's a soulful experience that deepens your appreciation for the great outdoors and the profound wisdom within you.

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Finding Balance on a Paddleboard: Balancing Poses for Paddleboard Yoga

On a paddleboard, you're not just doing yoga; you're doing yoga on water! So, how do you find that Zen-like balance on your floating mat? Let's dive in and explore some balancing poses that will help you stay upright and serene.

1 - The Floating Tree Pose:

Picture this: you're on your paddleboard, surrounded by the gentle ripples of the water, and you raise one foot to rest against your inner thigh. That's the Floating Tree Pose – it's like embracing nature while defying gravity. Start with a firm base, and gently lift your foot, ensuring your core remains engaged. Feel the sway of the water beneath you as you find your equilibrium.

2 - The Seated Lotus on Water:

Sitting cross-legged is a breeze on solid ground, but on a paddleboard, it's like a voyage into calm waters. Begin by sitting in the middle of your board, cross your legs and find your alignment. The Seated Lotus on Water brings mindfulness and balance. Gaze out at the horizon as you breathe in the serenity of the open water, and let the gentle rocking beneath you become your mantra.

3 - Paddleboard Plank: 

The Paddleboard Plank is like the traditional yoga plank, but with a twist – or should we say, a sway? Plant your hands firmly on the board, shoulder-width apart, and extend your legs behind you. Keep your core engaged, your body aligned, and your gaze focused on the horizon. It's not just about a strong core; it's about finding balance as you embrace the motion of the water.

Tips for Perfecting Your Balance on the Board

Now that you've dipped your toes into the world of paddleboard yoga balancing poses, here are some pro tips to keep you afloat:

  • Find a focal point: Whether it's a distant tree, a cloud, or the shimmering water, fix your gaze on something steady to help maintain your balance.
  • Engage your core: Your core muscles are your best friends when it comes to balancing on a paddleboard. Keep them activated throughout your practice.
  • Practice, practice, practice: Balancing on water is different from solid ground. Don't be discouraged if you wobble a bit at first. It takes time to find your sea legs, or should we say, your paddleboard legs.

paddleboard yoga in Crantock


The Best Spots for Perfecting Paddleboard Yoga in the UK

If you're looking for a unique way to connect with your inner yogi while surrounded by stunning landscapes, you're in for a treat! The UK offers a fantastic array of destinations for paddleboard yoga retreats, where you can combine the tranquility of yoga with the excitement of paddleboarding. Let's dive into some of the best spots for this incredible experience.

1 - Cornwall:

Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and pristine beaches, is a paddleboard yoga paradise. Imagine flowing through your Sun Salutations while the waves gently lap at your board. Cornwall provides the perfect backdrop for a rejuvenating retreat and is the ideal location for sunrise and sunset paddleboard yoga sessions. If you are in the Newquay area of Cornwall then head down to see Dale and his team at Big Green Adventures to have a go at some paddleboard yoga on the breathtaking Gannel Estuary in Crantock.

2 - The Lake District: 

For a serene escape, head to the Lake District. Paddleboard yoga on tranquil lakes surrounded by majestic mountains is an experience like no other. As you balance on your board, you'll find yourself in perfect harmony with the serene natural world around you. Paddleboards can be hired from a number of locations including Coniston water, Ullswater, Lake Windemere & Dewentwater with a number of providers offering SUP yoga retreats. If you want to try out a Sandbanks Style paddleboard while you are there you will find them available to rent a number of watersports providers in the Lake district including Marra Bikes and boards, Paddle & Wave, Alfresco adventures, Lake District Paddleboarding  and Derwemt Water Marina.

3 -Pembrokeshire: 

Paddleboard yoga in Pembrokeshire allows you to embrace the coastal charm of Wales. The stunning cliffs, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters create a picturesque setting for your practice. It's an ideal destination for yogis looking for tranquility by the sea or head down the river Teifi, Cardigan Bay active is based on the River Teifi where the ocean meets for river giving paddlers a variety of landscapes to explore including cliffs, beaches, islands, mountains and forests. 

4 - Norfolk Broads:

The Norfolk Broads provide a different kind of water retreat. This network of rivers and lakes offers a serene and peaceful environment for paddleboard yoga. As you gracefully glide through the calm waters, you'll find a sense of tranquility and mindfulness like no other. The flat waters make the the broads the perfect place for beginners to practice their paddleboard yoga poses. If you are planning to take your own paddleboard to the Norfolk Broads be aware that if you do not have a British Canoeing waterways license then you will need to pay for an annual or short visit toll from the broads authority which goes towards the maintenance, upkeep and improvements on the waterways.

5 - Loch Lomond:

Loch Lomond, the largest freshwater loch in Scotland, is a paddleboard yoga gem. The peaceful waters and the stunning surrounding landscape create a tranquil environment for your practice. Connect with nature and explore your inner self on the banks of this magnificent loch. The loch is great for paddleboards excursions but with its' numerous islands and inlets you can find sheltered areas perfect for paddleboard yoga. If you do not have your own SUP then  Loch Lomond Leisure have several bases where you can rent a paddleboard on an hourly basis.

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So whether you are an experienced paddleboarder looking for a new challenge or someone who wants a different kind of low impact activity to improve your fitness levels in a natural environment paddleboard yoga offers a great option for all water lovers. It brings a serenity and challenge to the activity, creating a unique connection to the natural world and is a great group activity to try with friends. 


Written by Kristy Hobart

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