What to pack for paddleboarding

Sandbanks Style inflatable ISUPs Accessoroes

Now you have your new iSUP or inflatable kayaks and you can't wait to get out on the water but before then it's worth thinking about what you need to pack for a great day on the water.
1 - Phone
It's great to have a break from technology and enjoy the great outdoors but you should always have some form of communication with you in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to call the emergency services, check your GPS or the conditions. A waterproof phone case with a lanyard or an arm strap is a great idea as it makes your phone easy to reach if you do need to use it. They are also great if you want to take a quick picture of your paddle!
2 - Dry Bag
A dry bag does exactly what it says, it keeps all of your kit dry! It's a must have on any paddling trip to ensure that your keys, spare clothes, towels and snacks don't get wet. The Sandbanks Style dry bag is the perfect size dry bag to put under the luggage straps on your board and has the added bonus of padded rucksack handles for ease of carrying when you are on your way to the water.
3 - Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
As well as having the appropriate leash to connect you to the board it is also important to have a PFD. More commonly known as buoyancy aids and life jackets. Life jackets have a collar and will keep your head above water if you are unable to swim so are recommended for non-swimmers and young children whereas a buoyancy aid will help you stay afloat and are easier to swim in. There are plenty of options on the market of varying designs for the type of paddling you are going to be doing. 
3 - Food and Water
Take as many drinks and snacks as you will need for your trip. A drinks bottle that can keep your drink cold in the summer and hot on those cold winter paddles is a great idea!
4 - Spare Clothing 
 If you aren't sure on how warm you are going to be it never hurts to pack a couple of extra layers and it is always good to have a set of dry clothes in case you do end up getting more wet than you had planned. 
5 - Towel
It's great to take a towel to dry yourself off and keep a spare in the car to clean your paddleboard down whilst your packing it away.
6 - Changing Robe
Once you get a changing robe you will never have to awkwardly jump around under your towel whilst trying to get changed again! Aside from this changing robes are great to warm up in whilst having a post paddle hot chocolate and packing away your kayak or iSUP.
Sandbanks Style iSUP changing robe

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