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Optimal Single Seater Inflatable Kayak

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The Optimal is an inflatable, crossover kayak that truly excels in any water and is designed to feel just like a solid kayak and not compromise on performance. The Optimal will help inspire confidence in with a balanced rocker profile for speed on the flat and maneuverability in whitewater. The V-shaped hull is designed for stability and also helps the Optimal cut through the water effortlessly making it ideal for ocean, river and lake paddling. The rounded stern sheds water easily, making it forgiving in moving water. There are luggage straps at the front and rear so it has plenty of room for dry bags and gear for your day on the water.  

The Optimal comes with a removable seat, 4-piece paddle, wheel bag as well as a removable skeg to add speed and stability at sea. Following feedback from our original model these accessories have been upgraded for greater comfort and performance, This includes a seat with more back support, a stronger and lighter aluminium paddle and a more compact storage bag.

The optimal is available as a single or double seater.

NEW UPGRADE AVAILABLE: Upgrade to a 4 piece fibreglass paddle for just £50.00

If you aren't sure ho w to put the kayak together then the full manual can be found on our website

  • Top-quality Bravo two-stage pump;  

  • Double sided, lightweight 4-piece aluminium paddle

  • Removable kayak seat

  • Lightweight, hardwearing WHEELIE rucksack with room to pack everything

  • 3 year warranty

  • Plus, you can call us anytime if you'd like us to talk you through setting up the Kayak

  • V-shaped drop stitch hull

  • 2 chambers (top and bottom)

  • 1 removable seat

  • Luggage straps front and rear

  • Length: 12’8’’

  • Width: 32’’

  • Thickness: 10cm top +10cm bottom

  • No. of Chambers: 2(Top deck + bottom)

  • Net Weight: 14.2kg

  • Package weight 20kg
  • Max Person: 1

  • Max Capacity: 159kg

  • Package Size: 96cm x 52cm x 30cm

  • Inflation Pressure: 12psi

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Cairns
Sandbanks Style Optimal single seater inflatable kayak

New kayaker here, 1st IK, so nothing really to judge it against, however I do own a Cross dropstitch paddleboard so have some experience of dropstitch.
Delivery was fast and straightforward, email to let me know when it would arrive and given a time slot.
I got it out on the water, on my local loch within 1/2 an hour of unboxing it and loved it instantly. The seat was very comfortable, the kayak swiftly glided through the water. I opted for the upgraded fibreglass paddle so I cannot compare it with the standard aluminium paddle.
I felt very safe in the kayak, it felt stable and rode the small waves easily.
I have since been out on it around 4 or 5 times since and cannot get enough of it, fantastic. I hope to have this for a few years to come, It feels to me that it will stand up to quite a bit. I would certainly get another .

Superb kayak

After suffering a badly broken arm at Christmas, my confidence on my paddleboard has taken a knock, so I decided to go for the Optimal single seater. Absolutely fantastic decision, from the moment I opened the box after only 48 hours from ordering. The build quality is superb and it comes with enough accessories to get straight on the water. I took it to our local lake and was blown away by the speed and stability across a fairly choppy lake. Took me and my daughter less than 5 minutes to inflate with two pumps at once, as the paddleboard was attached to the electric pump, and off we went. Anyone thinking about buying one of these needs to buy one straight away, as I believe they are an absolute gem of a kayak. The bag is bigger than my paddleboard bag, and it feels approx the same weight. Got them both in the boot of the car without any fuss. Another brilliant product from Sandbanks, keep it up guys! 👏👏🛶


Wow, this is such an impressive inflatable kayak! The build quality is top notch and the included accessories are excellent. If you have been looking at the slightly cheaper aquatec ottawa pro I would strongly suggest going with the Sanbanks style instead. Not only is it lighter but it's better made and has great support.

Neill W.
Great Kayak!

I’ve used a few inflatable kayaks and this is a cut above the rest. Great quality, easy to paddle, stable and a lot of fun. Excellent value for money and really good service from Sandbanks (seat was missing off initial delivery, quick phone call and new one sent next day - thank you).
Looking forward to lots of paddling this summer. If you are in two minds, go for it, you won’t regret it!

Mark Durbin
Single seat optimal kayak

Faster than most inflatables. It tracks quite well, even without the skeg. Feels really stable, even in choppy conditions. Good quality accessories. Overall good value for money.

Our boards in a nutshell

We have a dedicated team who take great pride in the manufacturing the very best inflatable paddleboards. This high quality craftmanship improves all aspects of the boards production and is reflected in the outstanding quality of the finished product.

1. Comfortable Grippy DeckPad

The best deck pads are machine pressed in addition to gluing.

2. PVC with Woven Inner

Outer Skin Strength is important for long life and pressure capacity.

3. Fusion Technology

An additional layer of PVC is laminated to the dropstitch core. Fusion results in a lighter, stiffer, longer lasting board, and much better for the environment too than toxic glues.

4. Super Reinforced, High Density Dropstitch

The strength/lightness ratio of the fibres, is key to creating a super rigid but light board.

5. UV Resistant

Built to withstand long-term exposure to sunlight, minimising material decay and keeping colours clear and vibrant.

6. Triple Layer On Rail

A 3rd and final layer around the rail of the board creates a second seal and ensures there are no weak points on the board.

7. Heat Treated Seal

A laminated, heat pressed inner seam on the fused PVC surrounding the core of the board creates a 100% airtight and waterproof seal. Much better and stronger than gluing.

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