Why inflatable paddle boards are the versatile and practical choice

Why inflatable paddle boards are the versatile and practical choice

Are you considering learning to paddleboard this summer? Whether you have seen paddleboarders gliding across your local lake and wanted to join in, or a friend has recommended this increasingly popular water sport to you, paddleboarding offers a blissful and invigorating experience for people of all abilities. Renowned for its versatility and practicality, paddleboarding caters to adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike, so get ready to dive in with our guide to inflatable paddle boards.

Inflatable paddle boards


Paddleboarding is an incredible sport. It combines balance, strength, and cardio, so you get the benefits of running, yoga and meditation while exploring the waterways in a unique and refreshing way. Whether you are navigating rivers, lakes, or the open sea, the right paddle board will transform your adventures and ensure that you are able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Inflatable paddle boards, known for their convenience and portability, continue to be one of the most popular options and continue to invite more people to the sport by making it accessible for everyone.

Nowadays, you’ll be pleased to know there are some very affordable inflatable paddleboard packages, but we believe for the best paddleboarding experience it’s best to strike the right balance between quality and price. Too cheap and the board will feel very wobblily and not last long, too expensive and you’ll have spent a lot of money that you didn’t need to. Our tip is to look out for boards with long warranties (5 years), multi-layered skins and pressure recommendations up to 20psi. Spending £300-£500 will get you a brilliant board that will cover all your needs.

Lightweight yet sturdy, these boards are perfect for beginners and experts, so let’s explore what makes this great option such an invaluable investment for any aspiring paddleboarder.



Inflatable paddle boards, with their portability and ease of use, make it simple for anyone to jump into this sport and start exploring the waterways.

One of their standout features is their remarkable portability, as unlike traditional hard boards, inflatable boards can be deflated, rolled-up, and packed into a compact bag. This makes them much easier to transport and carry to water, and this convenience also extends to storage, as they don’t take up much room in your car or garage. For those living in flats or houses with limited storage space, this feature is a game-changer, and removes the main barrier into the sport for beginners.

As well as making it more accessible to those who might have been deterred by the bulk and storage requirements of traditional boards, iSUPs also make it much easier to plan spontaneous adventures with fewer logistical headaches. You can easily take your paddleboard on trips without needing to attach it to your vehicle, and you can also pack all of the luggage that you will need without worrying about having to fit it into the limited storage space available.




Despite common misconceptions, a great quality inflatable board is impressively durable and our boards effortlessly match the robustness of traditional hard boards. The advanced construction of our boards ensures that they can withstand collisions with rocks, branches, and other obstacles without easily puncturing, proving that inflatability and portability by no means compromises durability and reliability. Instead, it provides a resilient and reliable option that will accompany you on countless adventures and help you enjoy all that the British waterways have to offer.

All of our boards come with a 5-year warranty, and are rigorously tested for durability before being made available in our online shop. We refute the misconception that inflatables are flimsy by offering a range of boards that are capable of withstanding high pressures and are made with double skin laminated fusion technology to make them as rigid and stable as possible on the water.



Our advanced designs and construction techniques means that once a Sandbanks Style board is inflated to the recommended pressure, it becomes remarkably rigid and steady. Every inflatable SUP in our range is celebrated for its impressive stability in a variety of conditions, and is also capable of carrying up to 130kg, whilst the central fin and 2 indestructible side fins keep you upright in any and all weather and water conditions.

Thanks to their sturdy and wide design, these boards offer a stable platform that helps you maintain balance, even in choppy waters. This stability is particularly beneficial for newcomers to the sport as it provides a secure base that boosts confidence and improves balance, and it also makes inflatable options suitable for a range of water activities beyond casual paddling, such as yoga, surfing, racing, and carrying small passengers or gear.



Our cost-effective inflatable SUP collection offers exceptional affordability without compromising on quality. Our competitive pricing provides a cost-effective entry point into the world of paddleboarding and makes this invigorating and enjoyable sport more accessible for all those who want to enjoy it.

Our low-cost options, such as the Elite Board, are all built with the same dedication, expertise, and multi-layer fusion technology as our other boards, and are also tested to the same rigorous standards. The reliability of all of our boards means that you are guaranteed great value for your investment, and their portability reduces the need for expensive storage solutions or transport accessories to further lower the overall cost.

With Sandbanks Style, affordability meets performance, and we continue to work hard to remove the barriers to this sport and make paddleboarding an accessible and enjoyable hobby for everyone.




Our boards are perfect for all skill and experience levels, and our range is full of general and speciality boards that accommodate all preferences and requirements. Whether you are looking for a beginner board, a multi-person iSUP, or a specific board for yoga, fishing, or surfing, you are sure to find the perfect inflatable paddle board for you in our range, so let’s take a look.


  1. All-rounder iSUPs

Renowned for their excellent stability, buoyancy, and fantastic glide range, these popular boards offer an excellent experience for beginners and unmatched stability for more experienced paddlers. Crafted with high-quality materials and perfect for a variety of water activities, each 2023 model comes with a 5-year SUP warranty and all the accessories needed to set your board up, including a pump, paddle, leash, quick release belt, and repair kit.


  1. Speciality iSUPs

Our Speciality iSUPs are designed for specialised uses and specific water activities, such as yoga, windsurfing, and surfing. Whether you're performing yoga poses on a calm lake or adding a windsurfing sail for an exhilarating ride, these boards cater to your unique needs with removable elements and additional design features, so check out our range today and find the best board for your summer plans.


  1. Junior iSUPs

Our Junior iSUPs are specifically designed for young paddlers, offering a smaller and lighter board that is perfect for children. Ideal for beginners, Junior iSUPs help children build confidence and develop their skills in a fun and secure way, with excellent stability and buoyancy to ensure a safe experience, and are designed to be safe and easy for kids to handle.

All of our Junior packages come with the equipment needed to set up the board, including a two-stage pump and a lightweight aluminium paddle that is perfect for children, and the essential safety equipment including an ankle surf leash with safety breaker. Our team is also always on hand to offer advice and to talk your little one through the process of setting up the board.

So, encourage your child to develop their balance, coordination, and confidence whilst enjoying the fun of being on the water with our range.


  1. Touring iSUPs

Kit yourself out with everything you need to spend extended periods of time on the water with our Touring range. Touring iSUPs are designed for paddlers seeking speed and distance and are ideal for long tours and extended excursions on various water conditions.

Our touring boards are designed with streamlined nose profiles for parting the water, allowing you to move faster and further, and offer exceptional glide and stability to minimise the strain on your body. So, whether you're exploring vast lakes, rivers, or coastal waters, make sure that you don’t exert yourself by investing in the touring equipment you need from our collection.


  1. Multi-Person iSUPs

Available to preorder for August, our newest collection of boards offers exceptional value for groups as they are able to accommodate up to 12 people per board. Our multi-person boards offer a large, stable platform that ensures the safety of all riders, and promotes teamwork, communication, and camaraderie as all the participants paddle together.

Perfect for clubs and schools, they accommodate all skill levels and provide an ideal team-building exercise for group outings and educational programs, so pre-order your board today and begin planning memorable and enjoyable experiences for large groups.


Our inflatable board range

Whether you’re a solo paddler, a family, or a club, there’s a perfect inflatable SUP for you. With their unmatched portability, durability, stability, and versatility, our iSUPs cater to all ages and skill levels, so equip yourself with everything you need and start your paddleboarding journey today.

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