Shipping information

In most cases, delivery will take 24 business hours. Delivery can take longer in some cases (for example, deliveries to the Scottish highlands / remote Cornish villages) so it’s best to allow 2-3 business days to be safe.

If you need a board to meet you at the airport or your boat at very short notice, call the team on 01202 709991 and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Yes, probably! We’re confident shipping as far as New Zealand. Call the team now for a quotation! 01202 709991

Returns and exchanges

Yes! Our boards are used by over 20 rental companies and schools all over the UK. To book your SUP lesson, find your nearest rental company here.

In addition, all our boards have a 14 day no-quibble return guarantee.

About our boards

This depends on what board you are interested in. Different models have different recommended weight limits. The table below shows all our models and the maximum weights we would recommend for each.

Wave 75kg
Ultimate 130kg
Ultimate Art 130kg
WindSUP 130kg
Sport Touring 130kg
Yoga 150kg
Cruiser 150kg

Simply, the bigger the board, the more air it can hold and so the greater the buoyancy - and the carrying capacity.

Of course, exceeding these weight limits will not stop the boards from working. However, you will notice that the board will move a little more slowly and paddling will become much more like hard work!

Technically, no! Anybody of any height can ride any board.

That being said, the taller you are, the higher your centre of gravity, and the harder it is to balance on a board. Wider boards are easier to balance on, so if you’re 6’5” and you’ve never been on a paddleboard before, the Reef Cruiser board is a better match for you than our slimline Sports Touring board, because the Reef Cruiser is wide and stable.

Yes, we do. The Wave board is designed for lightweight riders up to 75kg. This 9’6” board is very agile – kids will find it much easier to handle and manoeuvre than a 10’6”. As it is 4.7 inches thick, the Wave board sits lower in the water, making it easier for kids to get back on the board once they’ve jumped off. The Wave can also be used for surfing, making it a versatile purchase.

For teenagers we would recommend our Ultimate Boards. This is for a few reasons:

- there’s no risk of growing out of it

- teenagers typically want to bring their (also growing) teenage friends with them on their adventures, and the Ultimate can comfortably carry more people

- the Ultimate is better for those paddling for fitness – it’s much better suited for longer journeys and exploring

This very much depends on how much effort you put it. If you are really trying as hard as you can and are relatively fit, it’s possible to pump the board up to a reasonable pressure (15psi) in just 3 minutes.

But, we would recommend taking it a bit slower so that your arms don’t feel like they’re going to fall off before you’ve even gone anywhere. It should take somewhere between 6 and 10 minutes at a relaxed pace, depending on how much pressure you want to put into your board. (We recommend 18psi.)

Very, very strong. We use only the most advanced technology and the most robust materials, so our boards are incredibly strong and safe. The boards are built to last - which is why we are happy to sell each one with a 3-year guarantee.

Video coming soon!
1. Make sure that the valve is popped UP. (If you hold it down and twist to the right, it will lock down and air will come out. If you pump the board up with the valve down, when you take the pump off, all the air comes whooshing out...)
2. Slide the pump into the valve, making sure it's secure.
3. Using the dial at the top of the pump, put the pump into dual action mode. This means that you will pump up the board on both the up stroke and the down stroke.
4. Pump the board up at a comfortable pace. Watch the pressure gage on the top of the pump.
5. When the board gets to 6-8psi, switch the pump to single action mode using the dial. This means that you will only pump the board up on the down stroke. At this stage, it's easiest to use your weight to push the pump lever down, rather than giving your muscles a workout!
6. When you reach your desired pressure, stop. We recommend 16 -18psi. Unhook the pump, grab your paddle and surf safety leash, and hit the water!