This board is quality and great value at the price

"...the customer service at Sandbanks is excellent, Jordan was extremely helpful when I was enquiring about the board and knew his stuff, explaining everything about the board, construction and the thinking behind the materials used (this board is quality and great value at the price).

I went for Sandbanks because of:
1. the review by SUPBoarder magazine and 
2. you're dealing with the actual manufacturers from the off and not a third party."

- Colin Bangay

"Great boards that are affordable to most and the service is second to none... my boards are 3 years old and still going strong. The kids love the slightly shorter board and can handle it easily. The new designs look amazing."

Josie Jo

"Completely replaced our entire surf school range of boards with these,absolutely awesome boards, we used to only use Fanatic but have found these to be of equal quality at a fraction of the price..." 

Dale Unnuk

"Love my board! Didn't think I would be able to afford by own but sandbanks SUP style made it an option with no compromise on quality or ease of use. Fantastic customer service too if you have any issues or questions."

- Lizzie Wilton Patrick

"Great customer service very friendly and happy to help. Been out a few times on my board now and loving every minute. Very easy to assemble and great fun. Will definitely be recommending."

- Catherine Hosier

"Great board, excellent price and a pleasure to meet Andy who was very knowledgeable and a very friendly customer focus. Just got the board on the water, and the two teenage boys are having a blast. Many thanks for offering a great product at an affordable price."

- Geraldine McMillan

"Bought a SUP over 18 months ago now and it's still one of the best bits of kit I own"

"...the bag is a lifesaver and the board has been used in rough surf, in the lakes of southern France, on white water rivers and the lochs of Scotland and still looks brand new.

I did damage one of my fins which I will need to replace but that was user error and Sandbanks got back to me super quickly when i asked if they could supply a new one (which of course they can)"

- Zoe Katherine Boyle

My yellow sub as I call it is a 3 year old Elite 10 ft 6. It's seen lots of action from the surf of Pembrokeshire beaches to canals of Lancashire. Long cruise days on Cumbrian lakes with my collie Bo on board.

It's had kids, dog's, been used to teach and race and play about and we have had so much fun on it. Bashed, dragged, dropped but never let me down. Always solid and stable at 32 inch wide...Great service and awesome pricing. 

Brian Leonard

I have been out for long periods of time with no signs of deflation and it holds me and my teenage daughter at the same time with no problems. I have already recommended this brand to others that have since bought boards and are also extremely happy with it. Highly recommend!

Heidi L M Cooper

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