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Elite Pro Sport 10'10" x 30" x 4.75" iSUP paddleboard package

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Our Elite Pro Sport was designed to bridge the gap between our all-rounder boards and touring boards. With superior hydrodynamic shaping, improved tracking performance and immense glide speed, the Elite Pro Sport is the perfect board for those looking to progress to something faster, whilst having the added advantage of being less bulky and more maneuverable than the Sports Touring board.

Our Elite Pro Sport is our first board to incorporate woven cross stitch technology making it even stronger and lighter than ever before. The paddleboard weighs just 7.75kg.

The Elite Pro Sport truly gives you the best of both worlds. Not only can you enjoy excellent performance and effortless paddling, but the Elite Pro Sport is also surprisingly stable. This is because even though the board is narrower than the Ultimate board (30’’ wide), it’s only 4.75’’ thick. This thinner construction helps to lower your centre of gravity and improve stability.


We build our boards using a multi-layer fusion technology and take great care over the quality of our products. We run our business with very small overheads and are happy to take a smaller margin so you can have a great quality/performing paddleboard without it costing you a fortune. 

Plus, the board comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.

If you aren't sure how to put the paddleboard together then the full manual can be found on our website. We are moving to an online verson to save paper.

  • Bravo SUPer two-stage pump (model of pump may vary depending on availability)
  • Lightweight 3-piece fibreglass paddle;
  • Ankle surf leash with safety breaker;
  • Quick release belt
  • Valve repair kit 
  • Lightweight, hardwearing WHEELIE rucksack with room to pack everything with your board, together with some spare towels etc etc 
  • 5 year warranty
  • Plus, you can call us anytime if you'd like us to talk you through setting up the board!
  • Superior hydrodynamic shaping for immense glide speed and effortless paddling

  • Advanced cross stitch technology making to board stronger and lighter
  • Rocker (upturn at the nose) ensures good wave performance

  • Diamond Groove Deckpad provides a comfortable grippy surface for your feet.

  • Kick-Step (raised platform) at the rear makes step-back pivot turns easy to learn and master. In addition, our customers tell us it is ideal for sunbathing.

  • Triple Fin for extra control, including 1 easy fix fin and two attached guide fins for shallow water 

  • Warranty: 5 years on our boards
  • Recommended Pressure: 18-20 PSI
  • Max Pressure: 25 PSI
  • Length: 10'10''
  • Width: 30'' 
  • Thickness: 4.75''
  • Volume: 252L 
  • Deckpad: Diamond grove 
  • Carrying Capacity: 110 kg
  • Woven X-stitch Board weight: 7.75kg
  • Technology: Double skin laminated fusion
  • Fins: Easy fix central fin + 2 indestructible side fins

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lis Harvey
Very light

This board was recommended to me by a Sandbanks SUP centre because I was struggling to lift my current board, being a petite lady. This one weighs less than 8kg so is much more manageable. I opted for the carbon oar to keep things light weight. It is narrower than my original board, 30” instead of 36” so is taking a little bit of adjusting to, but nothing that I can’t overcome.
I am giving the board a rating of 4 stars as the fin is very stiff and difficult to put on, even with some adjustments that Sandbanks advised me to try. You have to get it just in the right place. I feel that the design on this could have been better. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

Cassie P
Elite Pro Sport

Wow what can I say?

Already totally in love with the sandbanks brand after using an ultimate Malibu for two and a half years, I decided it was time for a change, but didn’t want to look at any other suppliers. I did have a vague shop around, but kept going a full and happy circle back to sandbanks, I think for the price point, the product, customer services, accessories and warranty length are class leading.

I was toying with getting a full on tourer but was a little anxious about that jump so after lots of consideration and questions fired at the sandbanks team I opted for the cross stitch pro elite sport with carbon hybrid paddle upgrade.

What a fantastic bit of kit! Had my first run outs this week, once session on a lake then straight to the sea. This is such a stable board that also tracks beautifully, with the paddle feeling so strong. I really feel like the 4.75 inch depth is probably better suited to me than the 6 of my ultimate (though I do still love that too). I cannot wait to get out more on my new board.

Thanks again for all the help with my questions, much appreciated.

Jodie Cave
Fantastic Board, Kit & Customer Service

I can’t rate Sandbanks Style enough, firstly they actually let me try out a couple of boards prior to purchase which was a wonderful start!
Since purchasing I’ve been out on my new board (Elite Pro Sport) a couple of times in various conditions & absolutely love it!
It glides through the flat & cuts through waves. Is super quick & very responsive, literally turns with just a slight weight shift, yet is very stable. I upgraded to the X-Stitch which makes the board ever so light to carry & is super strong with a max PSI of 25 (you know the construction is good when they can go upto the higher PSI’s) & carbon fibre paddle which is well worth the investment if you go on longer journeys. Both board & paddle are virtually effortless in comparison to my previous all round board & aluminium paddle (non Sandbanks Style brand).
Plus the bag & kit they give you is superb, the bag is huge & I can fit in all my extra stuff like towels, buoyancy aid etc so everything is in the one place for storage, saves multiple car trips when heading out (or forgetting all your extras) & the wheels are a delight - no more lugging a very heavy rucksack about!
I can’t recommend Sandbanks Style enough, if you want a high quality board, kit and great customer service these are your people! Thank you 🙏

A great board and company

Had a phone call for some advice about the board and received friendly and honest advice about it. Ordered it and received it the next day!

The board is great and super stable despite being narrower than my other board. It takes a while to pump up, but goes to a much higher PSI. It's can easily hold a passenger while effortlessly gliding through the water. It could do with a slightly expanded cargo area, but it shouldn't be too hard to add your own if you need it. It's a great board, and is light and quick, but as a compromise doesn't have any deck accessories and is quite a "bare board".

I don't use the supplied pump a lot as my other pump is double chambered, but it's a decent pump with double and single action, and a handy deflate option.

Highly recommend as a board to move up to from a "beginner board", despite it's narrower size, the thinner construction means it's really stable, and the narrower shape means it much quicker on the water.

Kathryn hitchcock
Great board/service

Excellent customer service from Sandbanks Style, from purchasing my new board online to delivery was only 24 hours!!

Only used once but the quality was fab. So much quicker in the water when compared to the boards I’ve had lessons on. Very light to carry once inflated! Love it! Thanks Sandbanks Style.

Our boards in a nutshell

We have a dedicated team who take great pride in the manufacturing the very best inflatable paddleboards. This high quality craftmanship improves all aspects of the boards production and is reflected in the outstanding quality of the finished product.

1. Comfortable Grippy DeckPad

The best deck pads are machine pressed in addition to gluing.

2. PVC with Woven Inner

Outer Skin Strength is important for long life and pressure capacity.

3. Fusion Technology

An additional layer of PVC is laminated to the dropstitch core. Fusion results in a lighter, stiffer, longer lasting board, and much better for the environment too than toxic glues.

4. Super Reinforced, High Density Dropstitch

The strength/lightness ratio of the fibres, is key to creating a super rigid but light board.

5. UV Resistant

Built to withstand long-term exposure to sunlight, minimising material decay and keeping colours clear and vibrant.

6. Triple Layer On Rail

A 3rd and final layer around the rail of the board creates a second seal and ensures there are no weak points on the board.

7. Heat Treated Seal

A laminated, heat pressed inner seam on the fused PVC surrounding the core of the board creates a 100% airtight and waterproof seal. Much better and stronger than gluing.

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